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We are here to assist you in all aspects of your real estate transaction. We will show your property, provide access to comparable & property history research, assist with all due diligence, connect you with the best lenders and funding programs, home inspectors and legal representation. 

There are many ways that you can invest in real estate, whether it is through fixing up a home and reselling it, or buying a rental property. When you begin looking at foreclosed homes, location should be your main focus. Location is key to determining the profitability of the property.

For questions, showings or consultation just call 404-484-3245 or fill out the form and an associate will get back to you immediately.
At Marshall Real Estate & Investment Brokers, we provide our clients with high quality services personalized for their unique needs.  Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a variety of services including:
Once our investor closes on a property, our property management team can step in and assume the ongoing responsibilities of operating the investment property. 

Managing your properties is an important part of our overall strategy and enables us to create additional value for your assets over time. We maintain your properties with exceptional detail and undertake physical improvements on an ongoing basis. 

Our property management functions include maintenance, administration, accounting, customer service, marketing and leasing. These daily activities are closely monitored and controlled. We are responsible for budgeting, financial and regulatory compliance and reporting for all our properties. Our approach of providing direct, comprehensive management services under strategic direction of our executive officers enables us to maximize cash flow while protecting the long-term value of our investors assets.
After purchasing a foreclosed home, you can begin the renovation process. We have a network general contractors available to ensure that the work is complete efficiently and professionally. Remodeling a home is often a large task that needs tons of work, but it pays off in the end. Take care of bigger projects such as putting on a new roof, plumbing repairs replacing appliances, and taking care of new hardware. Next, the fun part begins--cleaning, decorating, and even landscaping. All of these things will come together until you have a beautiful home that we can sell or lease as your investment.

Property preservation involves the securing, protecting, and preparing of properties for sale that have undergone foreclosure, default, or are in bank-owned status. The financial hardships that cause these unfortunate situations leave prior homeowners unhappy about losing their homes. As a result, many of these homes are left in poor condition.

As property preservation specialist, we are responsible for maintaining and restoring these properties to marketable condition. It is also our responsibility to list and sale the properties. With these properties, in our portfolio, they are accessible to our clients.

If credit issues are preventing you from achieving your goals, we can help. We offer our credit repair services that no one else can match. Because of our expertise and experience, we deliver outstanding results.​ For more information on our credit repair service contact us at  404-4843245.

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